How does my donation to Keiro Northwest get used?

Keiro Northwest is the parent organization for Keiro Rehabilitation & Care Center, Nikkei Manor, Kokoro Kai, Nikkei Horizons, Transportation Services, Catering, and Home Care. Your donation will be directed to the area with the greatest need, or if you prefer, to the program you designate as the recipient.

What is the difference between annual giving and the endowment?

Annual giving empowers you to help our residents and participants today. Annual donations are used for current program expenses. Your annual gift helps to ensure that our programs can continue to thrive, providing vital services to our elders each year.

An endowment is like a “savings account” for the future. Like any savings account, an endowment is built upon over time. The principal of the fund is never spent; only a portion of the interest earning may be withdrawn and used each year, in perpetuity. The interest income is used to augment annual operating and fundraising revenue. A contribution to the endowment helps to secure the future of the organization.

Donations to both campaigns are essential to the long life of Keiro Northwest.

I have an item to donate as an in-kind gift. What should I do?

We have a wish list of items our programs need. Please call 206.771.4584 for more information on how to make an in-kind contribution.

If I give a memorial or honorary donation, will the family be notified?

Yes, in addition to listing memorial and honorary names in the Keiro Northwest Newsletter, we also notify the individuals and families. We will inform the individual being honored or a family member (for memorials) of the donor’s name, address, the fund or program designated for the gift.

If you would prefer to restrict the information that we give to the individual or family, simply inform us in

writing along with your donation.

I have an extra car I’d like to donate. Does Keiro Northwest accept vehicle donations?

Yes. The Vehicle Donation Program accepts used cars, trucks and RVs in any condition. The proceeds of donations go to Keiro Northwest, and donors may qualify for a tax deduction. Please contact  206.726.6514 or GivingToKNW@keironw.org.