All for One & Steak for All!

Steak welcomed the community and people packed the 7th Annual Ayame Kai Steak Dinner. Hungry and eager community members feasted on masterfully grilled Painted Hills beef, fluffy rice, beautiful coleslaw, and special tsukemono, plus sweets from the Bake Sale. Many, many volunteers worked in the forefront and behind the scenes to bring this incredible event to the public.

Door prize drawings for tissue and soy sauce brought a bit of nostalgia to the evening, and MC Harold Taniguchi trained the next generation of MCs, with Maya Hofmeister calling out winning numbers.

Guests gathered around the silent auction and checked the bidding, hoping to win. (Winners who did not pick up their prizes may do so at the Keiro front desk.)

Take-out, offered for the very first time, was a hit, with almost 300 dinners served. The steaks were on the rare side, so diners could re-heat and enjoy later. Drive-thru served over 200 meals. No lines and quick service generated many smiles and much enthusiasm for take-out.

Thanks to all of the diners, volunteers, and donors!