2016 Grand Champions Team Kessler

Ace in the Hole – 15th Annual Founders’ Golf Benefit

Golf is great, and this year’s Founders’ Golf Benefit did not disappoint. With a full field of 38 foursomes (a few extra, ’cause golfers love the game), golfers drove and putted, triumphed and agonized (just a little), ate lots of food, and had a fantastic time at Fairwood Golf & Country Club. And we raised over $128,000!

Top honors go to Team Kessler, a loyal foursome – Captain Greg Kessler, Steve Byers, Paul Giralmo, and Scott Sullivan. Their score of 57 put them in the top spot as Grand Champions. The Hole-in-One that Scott hit boosted them ahead of the other close-scoring teams. Their names will join other Grand Champions on the perpetual trophy.

The Benefit is way more than golf, though. The after-party gathered golfers and other community members. Silent and live auctions, a delicious dinner, a lively Dessert Dash, and a heartfelt Raise-the-Paddle (to connect Kokoro Kai East participants to their loved ones through technology) kept the festivities going.

Our coveted Domo Arigato Award honored two companies close to our hearts, Consonus Healthcare (Corporate Award) and Bainbridge Island ACE Hardware (Community Award). The people behind these companies have been vital to Keiro Northwest’s growth and success.

A huge thank you to all of the golfers, sponsors, donors, and volunteers. The fun and the joy of the Benefit is possible because of them.

And the winners are…


  1. TEAM KESSLER – Greg Kessler, Scott Sullivan, Steve Byers, Paul Giralmo
  2. TEAM BRUNIDGE – Bruce Brundige, John Shimada, Terence Wong, Kyle Ichikawa
  3. TEAM DEGUCHI – Jay Deguchi, Otto Saeter, Rick Takeuchi, Warren Higa, David Locke
  4. TEAM NELSON – Chris Nelson, Kevin Adams, Scott Robertson, Nino Storniolo


  1. TEAM NISHIMOTO – Harry Nishimoto, Mel Asato, Takashi Tsukamaki, Pat Leong
  2. TEAM WAKAZURU – Ken Wakazuru, Norm Furukawa, Frank Fukui, Ernie Nagai

THE HASHETTES – Gail Hashimoto, Kazuko Terato, Donna Ishii, Kelly Sugiyama


  1. TEAM YASUTAKE – Warren Yasutake, Bob Hashimoto, Diane Taniguchi, Harold Taniguchi
  2. TEAM CONSONUS – Drew Fogg, Dan Cowart, Zach Kinzer, Laurie Thomas
  3. TEAM SHIMIZU – Mark Shimizu, Roger Chikamura, Shu Yamanaka, Alissa Yamanaka


  1. TEAM YAKUSHIJIN – Ed Yakushijin, David Kusumoto, Trish Morton, Allan Fukuyama
  2. TEAM IBOSHI – Pat Iboshi, Bruce Kaneshiro, Mun Taketa, Jeff Ko
  3. TEAM KIN ON – Calvin Locke, Benton Ong, Nina Chin, Brad Wong

Bertram DuPont

TEAM TANABE – Jan Tanabe, Sandy Ishihara, Tom Hirai, Ross Hirai


Check out some of the pics from the big day!