Tomio Moriguchi Voted In as KNW Board President


In Keiro Northwest’s annual tradition, new board members and new officers are elected at the beginning of the year. Keiro is very grateful for the service of Frank Fukui who has served as a Board Director since 2014 and Board President for 2018. Mr. Fukui will continue to serve as a Board Director through his board term (ending 2019). This is a critical time for the organization as the Board of Directors recently launched their 40 More Years campaign. The campaign mission is to raise $4million as an investment in the organization and in the future of their invaluable services to the community.

As the organization contemplates the future and looks to rally the community, the organization looked to a familiar face to the lead the charge. Tomio Moriguchi, former CEO Uwajimaya and co-founder of Keiro Northwest, has accepted the position of Board President. Mr. Fukui noted, “as my colleagues and I contemplated who should lead the charge in 2019, there was only one name that came to mind. Tomio and his contemporaries did what was once thought impossible, and Keiro is still here despite the challenges of the industry and the changes to our community. As we look to the future Tomio represents the strength and resilience we want to exemplify, and what we need, to guide our future.”

Tomio Moriguchi added, “The primary goal of the initial nursing home was to serve the Issei, who sadly have mostly moved on. My mother, aunt, and countless friends were cared for at Keiro. This need will not go away, however, the needs have changed and the industry has become very complex. We have a responsibility to inform our constituents of these challenges and to respond by making changes. It is an honor to carry on the work and legacy we started 45 years ago with the other founding members. I am confident we will be able to lead Keiro in a direction where we will continue to serve the community as we have for so many years.”

In support of Mr. Moriguchi, Julie Ann Oiye, past Board President, has accepted the position of Vice President. Ms. Oiye was instrumental in the transition of the organization from Nikkei Concerns to Keiro Northwest and the change in mission to serve the broader Asian Pacific Islander (API) community. “When we changed the mission our goal was to acknowledge that the Japanese-American community alone could not sustain our organization long-term. Our focus going forward is to guide our traditional support toward this more inclusive mission and engage the broader API community to join us. I’m looking forward to working with Bridgette and her team as we make this a priority in 2019.”
Bridgette Takeuchi, CEO, noted, “This is an exciting time for Keiro NW. Tomio and Julie Ann bring a unique combination of legacy and heritage while being progressive and forward thinking. They both were with this organization at key moments in which changes weren’t necessarily popular or understood. I look forward to working with them as we guide Keiro NW through this next evolution of change for the future. I’m especially grateful that I will still be able to count on Frank as well. He has been instrumental to my success here this past year.”

In the early 1970s, aging first generation Japanese-Americans had nowhere to go to receive culturally sensitive nursing care. In response to this need, seven Nisei (second generation) mobilized the Japanese community to develop a nursing home to meet the cultural, social, language, and dietary needs of elderly Nikkei. During the last 40 years, demographics, lifestyles, and the healthcare system have evolved. Today Keiro’s services include a skilled nursing facility, assisted living facility, adult day programming, home care, and continuing education. The mission of Keiro is to provide a caring culture where we serve with respect and compassion and where we Making Every Day the Best Day!