We are no longer accepting new inquiries for business.

With the announcement of the decision to close Keiro Rehab and Care Center this year made by our Board of Directors, the decision was also made to suspend all Catering operations. This includes our Meals-to-go “Bento” program, our external catering business operations with valued community partners such as the Wing Luke Museum and Seattle Japanese Gardens, as well as our Midori Dinners program.


Any planned catering events already scheduled with our community partners will proceed through the end of summer 2019. Catering will not be accepting new inquiries for business.

This decision is a difficult one for all of us, but I hope that you will join us in our spirit of celebration as we move through the remainder of this year not in want of work left undone, but in honor of our great achievements so far. I’m sure I speak for all of us when I say, food is truly the heart of our community. Sharing in a meal, in a common love of delicious food that delivers comfort and familiarity, has been a uniting factor in the history of Keiro NW. This legacy is greater than any one person or program and I’m sure will continue far into the future.

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  • Once you start eating the bento, you'll want them all of the time! — Charlene Nakayama, Weekly Meals to Go Subscriber