Nikkei Horizons

Continuing Education for Active Seniors

Nikkei Horizons will close with the ending of the current Summer Quarter, effective August 31, 2019. There will be a few summer classes that carry-over into September that will continue to meet beyond the effective closure date to wrap-up their final class sessions, but will close upon their final meeting date.

We cannot express the true depth of our gratitude to the many participants, instructors, volunteers and program staff who have made this wonderful and enriching program possible. Nikkei Horizons has had the honor of touching hundreds of lives in its mission to offer educational and enrichment programming to our community. We remember and celebrate the people with whom we have had the honor to share in new experiences, new friendships, and in building of community. Our participants have shown us time and time again that their unwavering support, loyalty and genuine engagement with life holds no bounds. Nikkei Horizons may be coming to an end but we have no doubt that our family will emerge as strong as ever. We are eternally grateful and we could not ask for a better mission or community to have had the opportunity to serve.

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  • The instructors are wonderful. They have tremendous patience for beginners like me. — Nikkei Horizons Participant